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Today, I want to talk about a project I’m currently planning. Since mud season is on its way out, I’ve started thinking about summer. This year, I want to tear out my old deck, which is just a boring square platform, and build something really great. It’s going to be a place to lounge at the end of the day, have a family meal, or drinks at night with friends.

Here’s the plan. It’s gonna be big, about 14 feet in either direction. The whole thing’s gonna be in thick planks, so you can see the grain, I’m gonna finish them so they look awesome and kind of log cabin-ish. Along the edges, the railings are going to project out, luike the bow of a ship. That gives me another foot or so, and feels like a place to survey the property. I’m gonna build benches into the angle board, so there’ll be seating all around the deck. I’m also gonna drill out cupholders into the railing behind the seats, so there’s a place for people to keep drinks safe.

In the center, I’m planning a firepit. I know-fire on a wood deck? Hear me out. A layer of fireproof blocking, on both the sides and bottom. Probably some tin on the bottom, too. Then, a stone circle pit around that lining, about 4 feet in diameter. I’ll have wide stones on top, so there’s a bit of a shelf.

I’m still figuring out how to transition to the yard. I’m thinking a stairway opposite the porch door, leading out to grass, debating a promenade, open style or something confined with rails. Probably gonna go with rails, since I could make them match the prow look on the deck.

Anyway, I’m working on blueprints, and I should have something more detailed to post soon. Stay tuned.

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