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About DavidHolmes.tv

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Hi! I’m David Holmes. You probably found me from my DIY vlogs on Youtube, so chances are you know a bit about what I do. I’m a homeowner and handyman who does internet tutorials and project guides on the side. I went to trade school for woodworking, and I’ve always loved working with my hands. I believe that a man should be strong, resourceful, and capable. He should have a strong common sense and problem solving faculty to tackle any project without a fancy degree or tons of experience. I think a man should be able to fix anything he owns, have the tools for the job, and be willing and able to help friends and family. The best way to assert yourself and make your home your own is DIY.

There’s nothing you can’t tackle with common sense and a little elbow grease! I’m here to help you get started, inspire yourself, and figure out how to realize your dreams.

Contact: webmaster@davidholmes.tv for inquiries and feedback.


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